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Wellness Center "Nidus" Nidoje

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City: Nida
Address: G.D. Kuverto g. 15
Available: All year
24 - 142 €

Aditional information

The mini SPA centre of the Hotel NIDUS welcomes every guest of the resort town, resident of Nida and guest of the hotel. We invite you to recover your strength in the steam bath, relax in the Jacuzzi. We also invite you to The Ayurvedic masasge Centre SHANTI. We offer a wide range of rejuvenation, healing and relaxation treatments to support good health, detoxify the body, and revitalize the mind to maintain harmony between the body, mind and spirit. All our Ayurvedic treatments are designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and keep you in tune with nature.

Kerala massage
This massage is the most ancient technique used for relieving pain. Kerala massage is used to manipulate and correct disorders and disbalance in the body to cure injuries, soothe pain, relieve swollen tissues; promote regeneration of the tissues, organs, and internal function of the body.
Feet bath, whole body massage (1:00), shower, tea - 190 Lt.

Body peeling
Body peeling therapy is not only recreation therapy of tired body and mind, but it is wonderful renovation of skin. Massage with herbal oils improves the blood circulation, the skin complexion and skin tone.
Feet bath, whole body massage and peeling (1:00), shower, tea - 190 Lt.

Antistress massage
In short time massage relaxes the muscles, dissolves the energetic blockades and tensions. It all helps to get more flexibility and reliability of the body. The Antistress ayurvedic massage makes you feel fresh and energetic so that after massage you will feel like re-born.
Feet bath, whole body massage (1:00), shower, tea - 180 Lt.

Anti-cellulite massage Garshan
Ayurvedic anti-cellulite massage Garshan is performed with silk gloves which are used to massage the body and stimulate the lymphatic nodes. Very strong, intensive, pinching, kneading motions are used to heat up the body and increase circulation. During the second stage of the massage, Ayurvedic anti-cellulite oil is used to clean and tone the skin.
Feet bath, whole body massage (1:00), shower, tea - 180 Lt.

Massage During and After Pregnancy
Massage ensures the comfort and safety for both the mother and her baby. The use of specially prepared medicated oils during a massage helps to reduce stress, decreases swelling of the arms and legs, and relieves muscle cramps, spasms and pains, especially in the lower back, neck and hips.
Feet bath, whole body massage (1:00), shower, tea - 180 Lt.

Relaxing massage
Relaxing Ayurvedic massage both relaxes the body and contributes toward the prevention of diseases. This massage stimulates body circulation system and particularly the lymphatic system
Feet bath, whole body massage (0:45), shower, tea - 160 Lt.

Abhyanga massage
It manipulates the body to produce strength, mobility, and suppleness. In the ancient Indian scriptures Abhyanga is called the massage of beauty, longevity and rejuvenation.
Feet bath, whole body massage (0:45), shower, tea - 160 Lt.

Indian ritual
This procedure is carried out according to ancient traditions of Ayurveda. Ritual consists of:

whole body Kerala massage;
Steam sauna heating of the inside;
Rose bath;
Assorted fruits and tea.

This is the perfect gift for a loved and loving.
Ritual for Two (2:00 h) - 490 Lt
Ritual for one (2:00 h) - 290 Lt

Shiroabhyanga increases the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, thus strengthening the nervous system. This massage balances the pituitary and pineal glands. Shiroabhyanga helps to improve both experimental and cognitive memory, alertness and stability.
Massage (0:30), shower, tea - 110 Lt.

Back massage
The ancient Indian technique, much attention has been paid back. During the massage relax the back muscles, rage, chronic pain, improves blood circulation, reduces accumulated stress, activates the flow of energy in the body, and calms the nervous system.
Massage, tea (0:30 h) - 90 Lt.

Feet massage
Feet - part of the body, connecting us to the ground. This is carrier of our body, so they need care. In the feet there are many nerve points of connection with all body, so massage strengthens and renewable them.
Massage, tea (0:25 h) - 80 Lt.

Children's Massage
Massage is useful and necessary not only for adulthood, but also for children. For children prepared massage strengthens muscles, increases vital energy, and it promotes relaxation and soothes.
Feet bath, all-body massage, shower, tea (0:45h) - 90Lt.